Police Training

K-9 Training Center is devoted to supplying each law enforcement agency with the skills and training necessary for every K-9 handlers' needs. All of our dogs are European imports with a strong and fearless personality. A stable bloodline is imperative in the working dog arena. Our dogs are also very personable and social when necessary. We strive to supply each agency with a compatible K-9 partner depending on their specific needs. Being a small family owned business we are able to give our officers one on one attention and guidance. K-9 Training Center offers drug detection, tracking, bite work, and apprehension. We also offer a one year health guarantee with all of our dogs as long as the health problem is not a direct result of negligence. We hold licensure with the DEA and ATF to have live training aids. Our handler training class is a five week training class with American Working Dog Certification available, as well as re-certification available.

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